This site gives no hint about landfill waste as A.D. Compound’s products are recyclable and made with recycled materials.
Every kg of virgin raw material releases 1,5 kg of CO2*emissions. A.D. Compound products are made with industrial waste, drastically cutting down such emissions along with water consumption and waste production.
A.D. Compound uses electric power certified for zero greenhouse gas emissions**, preventing 0,4 kg of CO2 being released for every kWh consumed***.
Purchasing our products is helping the planet.

*Fonte IO;P Environ. Res. Lett. 12 (2017) 034024
**Certificato / Certificate No.: ØE-1843.003-2018-ITA
***Enel; sustainability report 2017


Our commitment to sustainability for the future of the planet

The 2030 agenda is the UN’s global action program for Sustainable Development. It is considered global not only because 193 ONU members signed it, but also as it commits us all to change our society for a more equal, just and safe future.
We proudly consider ourselves an active part of this project, but we are also aware that we can do more. That is why we studied the 17 Sustainability Goals of the 2030 Agenda program to identify those closer to our business reality and values, highlight the results achieved so far and set new ones.
  • Our company Conduct Code confirms our commitment to our workers’ health and wellbeing

  • We provide training courses and in-house stages partnering up with technical schools and universities

  • Projects to promote local employment

  • Involvement of children in environment education programs

  • We achieved 50% of female employment both in our technical area and lab

  • We recycle the water used for production thanks to an internal purification plant and provide sludge disposal

  • Additional reduction of sludge

  • Recovery of machining vapor

  • Collection and use of rainwater

  • Use of electric energy certified for zero greenhouse emissions

  • Installation of a cogeneration plant

  • Recovery of internal waste to produce energy

  • Installation of solar panels to feed our office lighting systems

  • We study the potential use of new secondary raw materials from organic sources

  • We collaborate to local community projects to safeguard health in the name of social integration

  • Every year we transform about 30 million kg of plastic scraps into Recycled Compound

  • We transfer package waste to an external vendor for recycling

  • 80% of our shipments are made by intermodal transport and Short Sea