We are leaders in Europe for the production of recycled polypropylene compounds.

From recycling to upcycling

We stake everything on quality to provide a secondary raw material for items with a value greater than the originals.

Non-stop eco-sustainability

Our goal is to exploit alternative raw materials at best. We test new compounds starting from scraps that are not currently recycled.


Six decades in upgrading industrial waste materials and our advanced know-how in the polymer sector are the key values of A.D. Compound’s success.

A1Our origins date back to the ‘50s in Busto Arsizio, where Mario Mercandalli starts his own business dedicated to textile waste and plastic scrap upgrading. The following decade Mario’s son, Giancarlo, joins the company and starts recycling paper and carton, although he strongly believes that plastic is the future. During the firm’s experimental phase, he is sided by his father-in-law Tommaso Perotti Nigra, a chemist and researcher at Montecatini-Montedison, the company that enabled Giulio Natta to study polymers and win a Nobel Prize in chemistry.

During the ‘70s, the business works full steam on plastic materials and by the end of the ‘80s, when Giancarlo’s children Andrea and Davide join the firm, the compounding process based on polypropylene waste is set up. The family decides to dedicate all resources to this new venture with major investments in its research lab. Time is ripe to establish a new and great reality in the compounding sector.

The ’60s

Wastepaper, carton and plastic upgrading.

The ’70s

Recycling of plastic materials from industrial waste.


Andrea and Davide Mercandalli establish A.D. Compound S.r.l. in Legnano.


A.D. Compounds moves to its new seat in Galliate, province of Novara.


A.D. Compound becomes a joint-stock company.


A.D. Compound stakes everything on innovation, investing human and technological resources in its in-house lab which becomes the heart of the business: a place where research invents A.D. Compound’s future.